We are Driven by innovation.

Creating IT solutions that add value and remaining true to our philosophy of making a difference with every solution we provide is a pledge we make to our clients.

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Our Business Solutions

Olivet Cloud Solutions is respected for its innovative solutions. We bring together cutting edge technology, world class methodologies and local experience to blend with knowledge of our professionals. The result is the value added service that keeps our client well ahead of competition. 

Olivet Cloud
Enterprise Solutions

Our ERP solutions are designed to enhance all aspect of organization processes.

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Olivet Cloud
Web & Enterprise Portal

Our expertise are always committed to providing excellent service.

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Olivet Cloud
Cloud Solutions Development

We Provide solutions that turn your data into meaningful information 

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Olivet Cloud
Custom App Development

We provide business solution for small, medium, large and multinational firms.

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Olivet cloud

We are committed to your Business Growth & Development.

We offers entity specific software development, customization and integration of complex enterprise level solutions.

Our clients can always count on us for the following:

* Fast Time to Market

* Cost-Effective Solutions

* Product Satisfaction

Our Value Proposition

Our combination of proven technical skills and multifunctional expertise are the core of Olivet Solutions unique value proposition.

Customer Centric Philosophy

We seek to understand the unique IT challenges and business processes of our clients, so that right from inception the expected project outcome is tailored to fit into clients’ business setup. In doing this, we see the project through the eye of client thereby helping clients anticipate changes and incorporating such changes into the project.


We respond to our clients by providing real time support during and after project execution. Thanks to our Client Support System (CSS) which makes us to easily send project teams to work together with our client’ in-house team to resolve issues. At Olivet Cloud Solutions, we work hard to be the best IT solutions provider to our clients.

Fair Pricing

We believe that our specialized knowledge and IT expertise place us in a unique position to offer client the highest quality service at a competitive and fair price. Our desire always, is to create and build the best possible relationship with our clients. We offer highly experienced team at what we believe to be a very competitive price.

Best Practices

Benchmarking continuously our processes and aiming always to meet international standards set us apart from competition. This makes us put our signature on every engagement knowing that our work will surpass every standard anywhere in the world.

Experienced Professionals

We align our experience and expertise of our multi-talented team with in-depth business knowledge and personal commitment to service with technical excellence.

Proven Methodology

We have proven methodology and demonstrated track record for success. Our methodology has been successfully applied in variety of situations across and jurisdictions.

Our Partners